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About Us

What is a bookkeeper? We are part super hero, data detective and number ninja.
We save you time and money; letting you do your greatest work!

Our team brings over 45 years of experience to your business.

noun: bookkeeper; plural noun: bookkeepers;
a person whose job is to keep records of the financial affairs of a business.

“the business had grown enough to justify hiring a bookkeeper”

Yup, that’s us, that’s what we do.
When your business has grown enough we are here to help.

Estmere Checks & Balances was started in 1997 by Christine Mason, then a new mom looking for a flexible part time opportunity while raising a family.

As the kids have grown, so has Checks & Balances.

In 2014 Christine decided to take a leap and turn Checks & Balances the sole proprietorship into Checks & Balances, a Bookkeeping Agency. In 2021, Checks and Balances joined with Estmere, Inc to form Estmere Checks and Balances.

Today, Estmere Checks & Balances is located  Bellevue, Washington and has a team of has a team of 5 bookkeepers supporting clients of all sizes and types to help them do more of their “thing” by helping with their financial affairs.

Kristina Walls, CEO and Founder of Estmere, CEO and Co-Owner of Estmere Checks and Balances

Back in 2016, I founded Estmere in 2016 as a way to help small companies to add the power of clear insights to their instincts in order to thrive in business.  The motivation for this came from my experience in sales and business management, along with financial analysis and strategy development.

The result has seen businesses around the world improve their profit and certainty over time.

Prior to Estmere, my professional career spanned selling, delivery, and finance in small and large companies as diverse as Naeseth & Solaas and Proact (high-end audio distribution), Philips (medical devices), Lectra (manufacturing), and Concur (business travel and expense management).

I love the way that great financial information, when used properly and presented simply, can add clarity and speed to making better decisions.  And as a fellow business owner I know that time is always short!

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to help you and your business thrive in less time and effort.

Christine Mason, Founder, Checks and Balances

With over 25 year of accounting experience (wow, has it really been that long?) and the support of an amazing family behind me, I have grown Checks & Balances from a part time gig into a well oiled machine. In 2021, I decided to take the business to the next level, joining Estmere to form Estmere Checks and Balances.

I love working with my team and business owners. I love learning about new businesses and how they got started. I love talking with entrepreneurs and feeling that enthusiasm and excitement of success.

I love business and that is why I am here, wanting to work with you.

James Walls, COO and Co-Owner, Estmere and Estmere Checks and Balances

In joining Estmere in 2020, I bring a rich history and experience in running and managing complex businesses, business strategy and go-to-market strategy to bear with our clients.

25 years working in the IT industry in New Zealand, Singapore and the US has taught me that we all need help to bring clarity and simplicity to our businesses and clients, especially in ever-changing markets.

My most satisfying work is one-on-one with company owners to peel back symptoms of issues to expose their real challenges, set effective business and sales strategies, and execute measurable and practical plans through great communication with their teams, clients and suppliers to achieve uncommon levels of positive and lasting results.

Trinity Pitre – Full Charge Bookkeeper

Trinity has a passion for helping small business owners to manage and grow their financial wellbeing. With a strong accounting and background and a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree, Trinity provides her clients with expert advice, professionalism, responsiveness and peace of mind.  She has been on both sides of the fence, both working for, and with small and medium-sized businesses.

A strong proponent of accuracy at heart, Trinity’s 15+ years of experience includes extensive knowledge in taxes, accounts payable/receivable and bank reconciliations.

Christie Yee – Bookkeeper and Account Manager

Christie has nearly twenty years of bookkeeping and payroll experience specializing in service/retail businesses. She has experience with small fitness studios, construction, retail, publishing, and design companies. She currently manages full service and monthly clients, payrolls, regular receivable billings, monthly and quarterly business/payroll tax filings, certified payroll filings, and personal accounts.

Shae Magdall – Associate Bookkeeper

Shae is an accounts payable and data entry specialist with over 20 years experience in accounting. She works very well with clients who have several checking and credit card accounts and above average number of daily and monthly transactions.

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